R & R Metals w/M.D.T

Metals included

1 Set) 40-50 grit Machine Trap Segment (9 Pc) choice of bond, 80-90 grit Machine 10 Seg (9 Pc) choice of bond

1) 7″ 40-50 grit Diemon Cup (choice of bond), 7″ 80-90 Turbo Cup (choice of bond)


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Our 1st cut 40/50g Machine Traps and Diemon Cupwheels are tough enough to tame pitted, uneven surfaces, and heavy glue.

Use it before moving to the fast cutting Turbos or run until you move to our 2nd Cut 80/90 beveled edged 10 Seg and matched grit Turbo cup.

Whether as part of the FULLAGG Polishing System or used for the ultimate Grind and Seal tooling, the R&R Metals Package with Matched Diamond Tooling is available in both Most and Hard Concrete Bond variations.


For Hard Concrete, For Most Concrete


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