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Preston demonstrates each step of the FULLAGG system. Designed to educate, it’s great information for concrete finishers as well as anyone else interested in how to correctly polish concrete floors! 


Topical Sealer

Penetrating Sealer

Patch and Skim


Step Details

Assess Concrete

NEW/FAIR CONCRETE    Use 40/50 Turbos.  Machine passes per Aggregate (SP=2, MA=6, FA=10) with a 30% overlap. Hand-grind perimeter with matched 40/50 Turbo Cup. 

ROUGH CONCRETE/REMOVAL   Use 40/50 Traps. Machine passes per Aggregate (SP=2,MA=6,FA=10) 30% overlap. Use with matched 40/50 grit Diemon Cup. 

Select Most Concrete Medium Bond for Concrete with a PSI LESS THAN 3000. Change to Hard Concrete Soft Bond when GREATER THAN 3000 PSI.

CLEAN, SKIM, PATCH as needed.


Using the beveled-edged 80/90 Grit 10 Seg (in correct bond) perform two machine passes using 30 percent overlap. Check to make certain deepest First Cut scratches are being removed. Run with the 80/90 Grit Turbo Cupwheels.

TIP Run an extra machine pass around the perimeter to save on hand-grinding.

2 passes using the 150 g Mini Posts should remove any remaining grind marks and prepare the concrete for polish. For best results increase machine speed 10%. Smooth perimeter edges with Ceramic Cup.

Two machine passes per grit using the 3″ Resin Pucks. Increase machine and travel speed slightly as you progress to higher grits. Pair with corresponding 7 inch polishing pads for edging. 

SATIN (50g, 100g, 200g), GLOSS (50g, 100g, 200g, 400g, 800g), ULTRA (50g, 100g, 200g, 400g, 800g, 1500g, 3000g)

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